Graffiti is an ongoing issue that plagues many municipalities and organizations. Cities and towns spend millions of dollars every year combating Graffiti vandalism. Previously there are three main techniques employed when it comes to Graffiti removal:

  • Abrasive (Sand Blasting)

  • Chemical (Acids and harsh chemicals)

  • High Pressure washing (Pressure Washing)

Now we have another alternative.


  • Laser Graffiti removal can be used on a variety of surfaces from Wood and Concrete to metal and stone.

  • Laser Graffiti removal uses no abrasives so it will not erode the substrate and has no waste product for disposal.

  • Laser Graffiti removal uses no Chemicals so it is more environmentally friendly. 

  • Laser Graffiti removal is portable and requires very low power consumption.

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Paint removal from Concrete

Extremely sensitive, can remove paint from cardboard without damage