Auto Body Preparation

Laser surface preparation and cleaning


Laser cleaning works on the principle of photon pulses being beamed at the surface. Depending on the material, they trigger thermal, physical or photo chemical reactions resulting in a cleaning effect.  In the case of an oxidized metal surface, the oxide particles are detached from the surface as their expansion coefficient is different to that for metal. 

Any organic contamination present is sublimated by the calorific energy of the laser pulses. The high amount of energy absorbed creates a highly compressed plasma (unstable ionized gas) that is released causing a shock wave. This shock wave fragments and ejects the layer of pollutant as fine articles that are then captured by a suction system.

With optimum laser beam parameters, only the coating, the oxide or the residue will be eliminated without damaging the substrate.

This type of laser treatment allows cleaning results that are impossible to obtain with conventional technology. In addition it is very environmentally friendly as it creates no chemical waste or dust.


Laser cleaning.

The laser not only allows numerous types of surface/paintwork/coating/oxides to be removed, but also all sorts of residues present on the surface to be sublimated (grease, oil, dust, residues etc.).

This can be achieved partially or totally dependent of the application. The laser technique is a non-contact/non-abrasive process that only heats the treated area very slightly. No chemical agents are used. Once the layer has been reached the substrate will no longer be damaged by the laser.

Preparing surface for restoration without grinding or sanding